Glass Water Bottle & Crystals
Glass Water Bottle & Crystals
Glass Water Bottle & Crystals
Glass Water Bottle & Crystals
Glass Water Bottle & Crystals

Glass Water Bottle & Crystals

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A glass water bottle with a compartment at the bottom to hold crystals is a unique and functional item. This type of bottle combines the benefits of hydration with the potential healing properties associated with crystals. There are three etched designs available.

The bottle typically consists of a glass container with a screw-on or twist-off cap. The bottom section of the bottle features a separate compartment designed specifically to hold crystals. This compartment is made of a durable glass, to keep the crystals securely in place.

Here's how such a bottle might be constructed:

  1. Glass container: The main body of the bottle is made of high-quality, food-grade glass, which is transparent and allows you to see the contents inside.

  2. Crystal compartment: At the bottom of the bottle, there is a separate chamber that can be accessed by unscrewing the bottom part of the bottle. This compartment is designed to securely hold crystals of your choice.

  3. Crystal placement: The crystal compartment has a cylindrical shape to accommodate various types and sizes of crystals. It features a removable lid, to prevent the crystals from coming into direct contact with the water, ensuring that only the energy or essence of the crystals is transferred.

  4. Water chamber: The upper part of the bottle serves as the water chamber, allowing you to fill it with water or any other beverage of your choice. It is leak-proof to prevent any liquid from seeping into the crystal compartment.

  5. Lid/cap: The bottle is equipped with a lid or cap that seals the water chamber securely, preventing any spillage and maintaining the freshness of the beverage.

When using the bottle, you can fill the water chamber with water, and the energy or essence of the crystals stored in the compartment may infuse with the water over time. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both hydration and the potential healing properties associated with the crystals.

*Remember to clean the bottle and crystal compartment regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent the accumulation of residue. Additionally, choose crystals that are safe for contact with water and consult relevant resources or experts to understand the potential properties and uses of different crystals.

**Please note that while crystals are believed by some to possess certain healing properties, these claims are not scientifically proven. The use of crystals as a form of therapy or wellness practice should be approached with an open mind and personal discretion.

Glass water bottle with crystals. Crystals can be changed out.

3 Etched patterns to choose from : Snowflake, Matrix of Light, or Moon Phases. Comes with either Amethyst, or Green Aventurine.

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