Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist (Holistic Emotional Wellness) for Clarity & Healing
Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist (Holistic Emotional Wellness) for Clarity & Healing

Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist (Holistic Emotional Wellness) for Clarity & Healing

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Discover Holistic Emotional Wellness

Introducing our Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist Spray for Holistic Emotional Wellness, a powerful blend designed to help you release fear and embrace courage. This 2-ounce bottle of holistic wellness combines the therapeutic properties of essential oils with the sacred intention of your divine self, creating a transformative experience for your energetic biofield.

Understanding Fear

Fear can be a paralyzing emotion, preventing you from pursuing your dreams and living life to its fullest. It often arises from past experiences, uncertainties about the future, or a lack of self-confidence. This overwhelming emotion can hold you back from taking risks, exploring new opportunities, and achieving personal growth. Recognizing and releasing these fears is essential for embracing courage and moving forward with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Essential Oils for Courage: Our carefully selected essential oils work synergistically to clear your mind and uplift your spirit, providing the strength needed to overcome fears.

  • Release Fear: With the potent properties of our blend, this mist helps in releasing the paralyzing emotions that hold you back, enabling a smoother emotional journey.

  • Sacred Intention Setting: By setting your intention through your sacred divine self, you align with a higher purpose, enhancing your ability to heal and transform.

  • Infinity Dragon Energy: Call upon the infinity dragons to assist in transforming and transmuting old, stuck energies. These mystical beings help you achieve a lighter energy and profound healing.


  • Emotional Release: Liberate yourself from the fear that hinders your growth.
  • Enhanced Healing: Accelerate your healing journey with the aid of divine energies and essential oils.
  • Energetic Transformation: Experience a shift in your energetic biofield, leading to a more balanced and harmonious state.
  • Sacred Connection: Deepen your connection with your sacred self, fostering a sense of inner peace and alignment.

How to Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before using the mist, take a moment to set your intention for courage and clarity.
  2. Spray Generously: Shake well and spray around your aura, body, or space.
  3. Call in the Dragons: Visualize the infinity dragons assisting you in transforming and releasing old energies.
  4. Breathe Deeply: Inhale deeply, allowing the blend of essential oils to permeate your senses and uplift your spirit.

Ingredients - Organic Essential Oils:

  • Frankincense (organic): A sacred resin that transcends time, frankincense aids in deep introspection, allowing you to connect with your true purpose and dispelling feelings of impostor syndrome.

  • Rose Geranium (organic): This uplifting floral essence harmonizes the emotional heart, dissolving frustration and fostering a sense of self-worth and self-love.

  • Patchouli (organic): With its grounding aura, patchouli stabilizes fluctuating emotions, strengthening the foundation of your confidence.

  • Black Spruce (organic): Symbolizing unwavering resilience, Black Spruce instills a sense of endurance and perseverance, encouraging you to stand tall amidst challenges.

  • Palmarosa (organic): Its rejuvenating aroma nurtures self-assurance, reminding you of the ever-renewing reservoir of strength within.

  • Juniper Berry (organic): A clarifying force, juniper berry eradicates lingering doubts and hesitations, paving the way for decisive actions and clarity of thought.

  • Turmeric (organic): Radiating warmth and vitality, turmeric invigorates the spirit, acting as a beacon of courage and spurring you to embrace challenges head-on.

Embrace the Journey to Emotional Freedom

Our Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist Spray for Holistic Emotional Wellness is more than just a product; it’s a holistic tool for emotional wellness. By releasing fear and embracing courage, you open the door to a brighter, lighter energy and a more fulfilling life. Transform your energetic biofield and step into your sacred divine self with the power of essential oils and the mystical assistance of infinity dragons.

Experience the Shift

Take the first step towards emotional freedom and holistic wellness. Order your 2-ounce bottle of Release FEAR Organic Aromatherapy Mist Spray for Holistic Emotional Wellness today and begin your journey to release fear and embrace profound healing.

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