Citrine Aura Point Cut Base 1.75" H x 2"W

Citrine Aura Point Cut Base 1.75" H x 2"W

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The Citrine Aura Point Cut Base is a beautiful crystal with unique characteristics. Here's a description based on the provided measurements:

This Citrine Aura crystal is cut into a point shape, featuring a slender, elongated form that tapers to a fine point at the top. The crystal's height is approximately 1.75 inches, measured from the base to the highest point. The width of the crystal is approximately 2 inches, measured at its widest point.

The Citrine Aura crystal is known for its vibrant and captivating appearance. Its base color is often a pale yellow or golden hue, reminiscent of natural Citrine gemstones. However, what sets the Aura Crystal apart is its enchanting iridescence, which adds a spectrum of colorful hues to the crystal's surface. The colors can vary and may include shades of blue, green, pink, and purple, creating a mesmerizing display.

The cut base of the crystal provides stability and allows it to stand upright, making it suitable for display on flat surfaces like shelves, tables, or altars. The base is typically smooth and level, ensuring that the crystal remains steady and balanced.

Citrine is associated with warmth, abundance, and positive energy. It is often regarded as a crystal of manifestation, creativity, and success. It is believed to enhance confidence, optimism, and mental clarity, helping to attract abundance and prosperity into one's life. The Aura coating on the crystal further amplifies its energy and adds a touch of magic to its appearance.

Whether used for crystal healing, meditation, or as a decorative piece, the Citrine Aura Point Cut Base measuring 1.75" H x 2"W is sure to catch the eye and bring a sense of joy and positivity to any space it graces.

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