"Althar-Opus Magnum" Volume 5 by Joachim Wolffram
"Althar-Opus Magnum" Volume 5 by Joachim Wolffram

"Althar-Opus Magnum" Volume 5 by Joachim Wolffram

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 With “Opus Magnum” Althar succeeds in concluding his series of books on enlightenment and embodied ascension with no less than a thunderbolt! In his humorous and direct way, he takes the reader on a journey that finally brings to fruition his highest human potential: The realization of his true nature beyond all separation.

Althar pays special attention to how the connection of an incarnated consciousness with matter comes about at the level of DNA, in order for a human to absolutely assume the belief of “being a body.” It is precisely this belief that repeatedly pulls one back into the dream of separation, and thus makes a continual existence in enlightenment while embodied almost impossible.

Overcoming this identification as a “body” is very delicate, and becomes all the more complicated by inner resistance and all sorts of interferences stemming from the macro and micro level of consciousness. Althar illuminates these in detail and sensitizes the reader to the challenges he may face along his journey.

In retrospect, Aouwa explains how difficult it was to connect consciousness and matter in order to overcome the standstill of the Second Round of Creation. This required extremely drastic measures carried out by a group called Uru, a branch of the Uriel family. Uru accompanies all the messages as a profound guest and is joined by Ila, the Unborn Goddess of Feminine Beingness.

Due to Uru’s measures, significant side effects came about – namely the paralyzing feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. Accompanied by the compassionate, radiant presence of Ila, Althar and Aouwa prepare the reader for the enormity of facing these intensive feelings, and repeatedly expose the illusionary nature of all obstacles.

Deepening and expanding upon the previously presented light body exercise, Althar advises the reader how this practice of “not-doing” eliminates all feelings of lack. In addition, he introduces an extension of the exercise that gently releases the consciousness hypnotically interwoven with DNA, and dissolves the identification with the body.

As his grand finale, Althar discusses the potentially overwhelming consequences of completely letting go of the belief in separation. This naturally leads to the “Opus Magnum,” the Great Work – the inner transformation of the human self into divine beingness, which is also known as embodied ascension.

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