The Power of Manifesting


You have probably heard the term manifesting, it’s a trending topic right now. But what actually is manifesting? And is it even real? For some of us, the idea that you can imagine what you want and bring it to fruition is pretty far-fetched. But…what if it isn’t?

What if at a soul level you have a team that is in complete support of bringing to you what you desire? This would make you a creator. And in reality it is what you are.

What if we’ve been distracted by the outer world and social conditioning that wants us to think we are small and ineffective?

What if you got in touch with your greater self and found the evidence that proves you have the ability to bring to you everything you need to support you in this world?

Once you enter the metaphysical space, you begin to understand that power of energy and that each of us has every single tool we need to build ourselves an amazing future.

Essentially, manifesting is defined as bringing something into your life through focused energy and belief. But it’s more than just willpower and positive thinking. 

Manifestation is a key tool of self-empowerment. The key to your happiness, reaching your goals, and living the life you are called to (and *want* to live) is within you. You have the power to heal yourself, to let go of the thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, and to co-create your life with the Universe: in fact, manifestation is often described as just that, Co-Creation

The first step to manifestation is understanding that you have the power within you to do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get very far. If you are dreaming small, self-limiting, or believing that you don’t deserve what you are asking for- you are likely to live out of those beliefs and block yourself from manifestation.

It’s important to observe your thinking patterns with as much objectivity as possible: What do I believe about myself? What beliefs do I hold around money? What am I afraid of? What pain am I holding onto? 

There are many methods of manifestation, some being step-by-step guides and others being general good practices, but all of them contain these elements:

– putting it out there: speaking/writing specifically what you desire to manifest

– focusing on it: repetitively visualizing this manifestation

– practicing gratitude: actively being thankful for receiving what you desire 

Go ahead and imagine your future self, living in the space you have manifested. Imagine the thankfulness that your future self feels. Imagine the joy that you are inhabiting, living the life you are meant to be living. Feel it now. Feel lightness and peace running through your body, joy prickling your chest, and purpose grounding your feet. Imagine the love, opportunities, and adventures that you have manifested being a part of your daily reality. Feel deep gratitude for the Universe knowing you, seeing you, and partnering with you in order to create your dream life.