Son’s Epiphany During Mom’s Session - A Clients Story

Recently, during the first session with a new client a profound shift happened for her son. Those of you who have worked with me, I always encourage that the work we do in the office is all about YOU – the client. The greatest opportunity for change is when you can observe yourself and have realizations that impact your understanding of your own experiences. Recently though, during the first session with a new client, a profound shift happened for her son.
Right before my client arrived she had been in an intense four hour conversation with her son who struggles with alcohol and substance addictions. During this phone call she had been clear about her boundaries (yay mom!) and yet was truly worried and concerned about the state of her son during the phone call. My client’s state of mind was still full of this episode during our time together and so we worked on clearing energy cords, her own unresolved feelings and past emotional trauma from raising a son while she was a child herself. And then I was inspired to have us send him pink (a very loving energy) light to wrap her son up in. We gave the intention that this loving energy was to be used for the greatest outcome of whatever would be most beneficial for him as guided by his higher self. As the intense energies receded from this intention, my client glanced at the clock – it was 5:45 pm. We wrapped up the session and she thanked me as she was feeling much more at peace with herself and was looking forward to a restful evening. That night she heard from her son. She did not mention what we had done during her session with me until after he told her his news. She sent me a text soon after (exact wording as I received it):


“We sent my son pink light around 5:45 and he called a facility at 5:53 to schedule inpatient therapy. I asked him what made him change his mind, had he felt anything? And he said his mind went from an adamant NO to I HAVE TO DO THIS! Thank you!!!”

WOW!!! Another example of how our energy and the intention we put behind it can shift realities. I continue to be in awe of what we are capable of, which is why I am gathering like-minded people who are interested in testing the possibilities. If interested keep an eye out for the NEW MOON and FULL MOON meditations I am offering. We’re going to start manifesting!!!