Ruth Ann McDonald

Intuitive and a Reiki Master/ Teacher


My name is Ruth Ann and I am both an Intuitive and a Reiki Master/ Teacher. I would say that I have been intuitive my whole life, but really began card readings until later in my life.

Since, I started doing readings, my clients have continually told me that my messages to them have been, what they call, spot on. In the past I have used various types of oracle cards.

Recently I was introduced to Angel Tarot cards which seen to be the ones I am meant to use.

I learned Usui Reiki, natural healing, back in 1994 at Indiana University I was attuned in Reiki 1,2 Master/ Teacher.

I have been doing Reiki for the past 25 years. There are different ways to conduct a Reiki treatment. When conducting a session, I do not actually touch my clients as some others do.

I was taught not to touch the individual. When conducting a Reiki session, I am the conduit for healing. The healing energy passes thru me to the individual and is Angelic healing.

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