Rev. Mariela Siwarqinti

Ordained Minister of Holistic Well-Being


Are you going through chaos?

Is your Heart in pain?

Do you feel intimidated by life?

The practices I use can reveal your next phase in life, your new identity, your past lives and how that affects your current life. They reveal your hidden patterns working against you and how to overcome them. They reveal your life purpose, the karmas holding you back from it, and the path to transcend them.

I specialize in guiding Empaths, Energy-sensitive, Clairsentient people committed in their Heart to heal from childhood and past life wounds. People ready to break free and live aligned with their Spirit to be in Joyful Unison with everything in them and around them.

I know emotional vulnerability because I have navigated that territory deeply, overcoming great storms that have made me a skillful Empath. My passion in helping people has led me to become an ordained minister with certifications in Energy Healing and formal training in mediumship and meditation.

I am at your service and I do this with humbleness, gratitude and a heart of great vow.

What Mariela's Clients Say....


Excellent professional, empathic. Mariela offers guidance through her strong connection with the Divine. It was key at a precise moment in my process and it served me positively in my profession as a Life Coach and in my personal life as a woman. Thank you Mariela!

Lo Mejor de Ti con Táyna Rivera

This is my FIRST review EVER! I I am usually the type of person who doesn’t believe reviews are authentic, especially since people get paid to do these things. But MARIELA  has TOUCHED MY SOUL in such a way that I HAD TO share my experience with her. I did a 30 Min reading and was BLOWN AWAY! . I quickly regretted asking for a 30 min session and should have asked for the 60 min session instead. Her presence is so CALM and WELCOMING. She really took her time to explain in great detail how I could overcome my fears and mental blockages and helped me to discover a part of myself that I couldn’t see before. This special lady is TRULY GIFTED and very EMPATHIC. Her NURTURING spirit will have you leaving her session with a great feeling of PEACE and CLARITY. If you are considering booking a session with her I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!

Shanell M

I am grateful for such an eye opening and profound experience.  Mariela provided me with more than enough confirmations to my experiences.  I left her presence with a clearer sense of who I am, what I am and I how I come to serve.  Her energy was relaxed, poised and breath taking and I look forward to working with her again. Whatever you may be trying discover Mariela is the beautiful soul you must encounter.

Yashu'a Eloheem

I had an amazing session with Mariela and after a short while she's was able to explain to me about the significance of my mom's passing and about a dream I had which totally changed my perspective on so many things.  Mariela is kind and patient, her intuitive expertise makes her a master at what she does.  She helps you heal and awaken to your own truth by taking your broken pieces and putting them together in a spectacular way.  I highly recommend Mariela to everyone.

Angeles Rodriguez

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Los Angeles, CA


Mariela is a gifted healer and teacher who is very authentic. She is without doubt doing sacred work, touching people profoundly on their spiritual journey. She is a God sent to me literally.  After meeting her casually, I dreamt about her and  now I realize that it was clearly Spirit connecting us. I came to her by Divine Appointment. What a blessing! Thank you Mariela!

RevAna Quintana

Mariela is Magical! I booked my first tarot reading with Mariela a few months ago when my life was at a dramatic crossroads. I was newly sober and quit my high paying job. She has guided me through many transitions and taught me how to love myself and to trust my current path the universe has for me. Whenever I feel lost and need guidance, she always has words compassion, wisdom and hope. She has changed my life and I will forever be grateful.

Tracy T.

Integrative Energy Healing

Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage), Archangelic Light of the Divine Feminine and Pranic Healing can be combined as they integrate well with each other. Energy is Qi (Chi); which is translated to “Life Force”. This powerful Life Force can help improve energy or accelerate/complement recovery whether is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It can be very effective, yet subtle and noninvasive.

Tarot/Intuitive Reading

The spreads I use can reveal alignment or misalignment with your goals and aspirations and the best available changes you can make to create a more beneficial outcome for you. It can also reveal life purpose, true self and relationship purpose. I use the spreads to get more clarity from the energy that is in your life right now. The energy in your life can be a result of something you intended to create, something you created unconsciously or something that comes from past life’s karma. The reading shines a light on what has been hidden, therefore, you will be able to make clear and aligned decision to reach your goals and aspirations setting you free from repeating old patterns of thinking and behavior.

Spiritual Guidance (Including Meditation and/or Prayer)

My vow as a Reverend is to pay reverence to all living beings. My goal is to bring you to be In Joyful Unison from the inside out to manifest an authentic harmonious life. A life of strong personal welbeing, financial wealth and collective wellness. I use intuitive insight combined with affirmations, affirmative prayer and meditation for guidance and support.

Dream Interpretation

Everything we experience with our five senses, plus our thoughts and feelings becomes our dream landscape. Characters in dreams can play parts of ourselves. Past lives can be discovered and revelations of a possible future can appear in dreams as well. Dreams can be healing and prophetic and decoding is a gift I have that I combine with intuitively reading the energy of the person having the dream. I am able to tap deeper than just the dream story.

Free 15 Minute Discovery

Learn more about Mariela’s one of a kind approach! This is NOT a session. It's an opportunity to see if Mariela is a good fit for your goals. By phone or zoom only.

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15 Minute Session

Ideal for short Intuitive Reading, follow-ups or Dream Interpretation. Look for a longer session for any energy healing or relationship sessions. Available in person, zoom or phone.

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30 Minute Session

Ideal for Tarot/Intuitive Reading, Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Guidance. Available in person, zoom or phone.

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45 Minute Session

Ideal for Intuitive Tarot/Reading, Dream Interpretation or Spiritual Guidance. Available in person, zoom or phone.

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60 Minute Session

Ideal for Tarot/Intuitive Reading, Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Guidance and Energy Healing. Available in person, zoom or phone.

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About Rev. Mariela Siwarqinti Services

Ordained Minister of Holistic Well-Being

Mariela started healing intuitively years before any formal training. Her abilities as an Empath date back to the age of 2, and her South American background allowed her to grow up surrounded by shamanic traditions which open her curiosity for learning other metaphysical practices including palmistry, tarot, mediumship and energy healing.

Mariela is an ordained minister, certified in three Energy Healing modalities. She also has formal training in Meditation from Mahayana Buddhism of the Linji Chan School lineage and education under the Emory-Tibet Partnership of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she received Cognitively-Based Compassion Training, a secular meditation practice to cultivate compassion.

She is eagerly active in our community guiding those who seek spiritual guidance and healing. She has lead many classes, healing shares and guided meditations through Spirit World Meetup as a co-organizer. She has also collaborated with other prestigious spiritual and healing organizations such as Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in Raleigh and Whole Person Wellness Center in Chapel Hill.

Currently she collaborates with Unity of the Triangle Español ministries in Raleigh, NC creating content for programs aimed to benefit Spiritual Intelligence and personal development.