Mykal Harp, Founder

Meet Mykal Harp

Welcome to Kuantum Life!

 Bringing the vision of Kuantum Life (our retail store in downtown Cary) and Kuantum Life Mastery (our office space for group and 1:1 sessions) has been a lifelong dream that has finally become a reality, and I’m so excited that you have found us!

I’ve been on the spiritual journey for over 30 years. There have been a lots of bumps, bruises and twists to my story and I’ve learned a lot from not only my personal experiences, but also from the hundreds of clients I’ve assisted.

We are currently in the most profound time on Earth and our Soul Source is rooting for us. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that we are not a victim – we just haven’t been taught the tools to navigate our life in an empowered way.

What does empowerment mean? It means that we can utilize the gifts and assistance that each and every one has at our disposal.

  • The power of our emotions to manifest.
  • The power of our voice to receive assistance from our Spiritual Team.
  • The power of our intention to release the stuck energy that is holding us back from absorbing the light.
  • The power of our compassion to love ourselves.
  • The power of our own strength.
  • The power of letting go and allowing our greatest outcome to be achieved.

Yes, each of us have these abilities! It’s simply a matter of clearing our energy so we can regain our strength and acknowledge ourselves as the divine sovereign being that we are.

Kuantum Life and Kuantum Life Master is the gateway to flexing your muscles and experiencing yourself.

I look forward to meeting you, growing this community and learning even more on this beautiful spiritual path we find ourselves on.

Blessings, Mykal