Mykal Harp, CMHC

Intuitive Energy & Emotional Healer
Certified Master Hypnotic Coach
QHHT-Level 2

What Mykal's Clients Say....


From the very first phone call with Mykal, I could tell we were aligned. During our first appointment, she demonstrated a tremendous ability to establish trust and held space for me to work through the grief of losing my father like no one else I have ever encountered. I felt better already driving home and can think of my father now with joy and not melting with tears. Mykal is like the best therapy I could have asked for.

Jules Zoetmulder

Mykal is amazing at helping release hidden and super heavy emotions connected to trauma from childhood and past lives. Her energy is super strong to support you through the process. As a practitioner I am used to doing my own inner work but when I am at a place I don't understand, I go to Mykal for her talent and professional assistance, and it is always a successful session that helps me move forward. Thank you Mykal!


Thank you so much for everything! You are really such an amazing teacher, healer, and spiritual guru. I have appreciated our sessions more than I can say. Looking forward to seeing you again and continuing on this path. Thank you from my heart!

Vanessa Moyers

Hey Mykal! I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for all you have done these past few months. After the group session I have definitely noticed a difference within myself.

The other big news is that the perfect opportunity arose for me to get the car i had been trying find. Everything worked out for me to get it by myself!

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I really appreciate you and all you do!


Just wanted to let you know that my inner child healing integration was profound. I felt my dragon with me last night and had a very active dream night. I am feeling calm, peaceful and assertive today. I feel my sense of sovereignty. I really appreciate the time you spent with me last night. It was nothing short of transformative

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Los Angeles, CA

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

Learn more about Mykal’s one of a kind approach! This is a FREE opportunity to ask Mykal any questions you may have about working with her. This is NOT a session. It is an opportunity to learn more about each other and determine if Mykal is a good fit for your goals.

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One (1) 60 Minute Session

Each session receives Mykal’s powerful approach of engaging both the conscious and subconscious mind, along with her intuitive energy healing, creating a transformation into experiencing relief and lightness within your life by releasing the root cause of your discomfort.

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Intuitive Tarot Reading via Zoom

Intuitive tarot card readings can help you gain insights into your current situation and empower you to make informed decisions. My approach to tarot card reading is intuitive, compassionate, and empowering.

During the reading, I will use my knowledge of tarot symbolism and my intuitive abilities to provide insights and guidance on your situation. My aim is to help you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your path, so that you can move forward with confidence and purpose.

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Personal Light Language Message via Zoom

Share your current challenge and I will channel a message of love and healing delivered in light language.

This one of a kind message is an energetic transmission that works on a deep level to clear blockages and activate your innate healing abilities.

Each time you listen it heals an energetic layer, when repeatedly used this can help you at a deep, transformative level.

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QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

Dolores Cannon's QHHT uses multiple hypnosis techniques in a single session. The facilitator and client converse to discuss the client's condition and queries.

Then, the session moves into past life regression and connection to the subconscious or higher self for answers and energy healing.

To learn more book a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call.

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About Mykal Harp, CMHC

Certified Master Hypnotic Coach
Intuitive Energy Healer
Teacher and Mentor
Mykal Harp is passionate about helping others be released from the pain and confusion so many are suffering from.
Her approach to holistic healing embraces the use of the communication from our soul - our feelings and physical state are a reflection of our energy field and leads us to the necessary information on where blocks are that represent old trauma. Once this is cleared you achieve a fuller connection between the body, mind, and spirit, which results in a balanced and fulfilling life

Mykal specializes in helping those who are struggling with emotional or physical symptoms like anxiety, anger, shame, grief, depression, and emotional imbalances. By utilizing the power of the energy field, she is able to remove energetic blocks and release trauma more quickly and more thoroughly than traditional methods.


Her unique approach to energy healing has helped many people regain the peace and balance they need to live a life that is truly meaningful and rewarding.

 Mykal's expertise in both conscious and subconscious mind training, combined with her intuitive energy healing, can create a transformative shift that brings relief and lightness to your life.

Through her spiritual practice, she helps individuals to access profound revelations about their life and purpose. Her dedication to teaching the power of energy has resulted in many successes for her clients, most often finding clarity in their purpose and a newfound sense of motivation.

Mykal is passionate about creating a safe space for her clients to relax, tune into their soul essence, and fully access the energy of the Universe. Working closely with her own spiritual team, Mykal guides her clients to manifest the life they desire and make the most of the energy available to them.

Those who work with her often report feeling renewed and inspired to create the life they want.

Mykal Harp, CMHC & Intuitive Energy Healer, is a highly experienced spiritual practitioner with nearly thirty years of experience on her own spiritual discovery journey. Mykal believes in the power of the invisible, intangible energy systems that pervade our world and that are constantly communicating with us through our physical and energetic bodies.

Mykal has worked for over a decade as a spiritual practitioner, helping to clear away any energetic blocks that create symptomatic physical or emotional states of discomfort. She is an expert in the power of universal laws, energy fields, and chakras, and is dedicated to helping her clients reconnect with their higher selves.

Mykal works on a range of topics related to energy healing, such as balancing and harmonizing chakras, releasing old energy, and deepening your spiritual awareness. Her work is based on the belief that the subtle energy within us can create the physical body, and that it is important to clear away any blocks that stand in the way of our true potential.

Mykal’s approach to energy healing is both intuitive and practical. She draws on her decades of experience to craft individualized treatment plans that help her clients to reconnect with their inner wisdom, create a sense of balance in their lives, and release any energetic blocks that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential.


If you have any questions please reach out to Mykal and she will get back to you within 24 hours.

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