Meet Mykal Harp

Hi, I'm Mykal

I’m a Master Hypnotic Coach, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor.

I always laugh to myself when I see all those words trying to identify who I am and what I do. There seems to be a lack of appropriate words to describe the experience we are having in this age of enlightenment.

Simply… I help people heal and reawaken to themselves. For those that have a deep knowing that there is more. For those ready and curious to learn. And only to those that realize that we are more than just a human body. That this current life is but a blink of a moment in our soul’s experience.

Maybe my biggest role is to demonstrate the possibilities. HOW to create. HOW to heal. HOW to break free. 

I am living it. The life of an empowered, realized master of life. It’s not always pretty or easy, but I wouldn’t change anything.  

My personal awakening happened upon the death of my mother at 33.

Prior to that I played ‘the good girl’ far too well. I was well-behaved, did what was expected of me and smoldered under these restrictions in ways I couldn’t understand. I was playing the game as it had been laid out before me. Be good and good things will happen, or so they said.

It was this relentless stirring in me for more though that was so hard to ignore. Although being the ‘good girl’ I stuffed everything down and did was was expected.

I wondered though… why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad? Why didn’t any of it make sense? My logical mind was constantly searching for answers that were so elusive.

Then my mom died. And in my mourning the thought… “there is no one left that loves me unconditionally”. 

Keep in mind I was married and had two children. And they loved me, but in a way that if I didn’t fit the role they assigned me, I feared the love would disappear. My children were young - they didn’t know me. They looked to me for care, food, shelter - and I gladly gave it. But it didn’t feed the emptiness in me. 

As I was clearing out my mother’s things after her death I came across a book. An Edgar Cayce biography. I looked at it, and instead of tossing it to the donation heap, I set it aside for later. I was familiar with the name from a tv special but not his story. 

When the chance came I dove into the book - curious. I have a curious mind but also very logical - hence my struggle growing up with the illogical ‘rules’ that are fed to us constantly. I may have been curious about psychics and mediums but never would go to one because I didn’t trust them. I had no faith or expectation that whatever they might tell me could be true. It didn’t make sense.

The curiosity remained though and Edgar Cayce was the perfect piece of evidence I needed to open my mind to the truth. Edgar Cayce is the most documented psychic of all time. He didn’t even want to be a psychic and didn’t trust the gift either - which is why he insisted that everything he said was written down, checked, and verified as much as possible.

There comes a time when you have enough predominant evidence that even though you might not understand something, you realize that there is something here.

And so it was for me. His biography, then his volumes and volumes of documented readings. I read everything I could. 

It was like following a breadcrumb to truth. And I ate every breadcrumb. Breadcrumb after breadcrumb started to create a bigger understanding of life. Of energy. Of intention. I still struggled to put what was growing in me into words, but there was a knowingness that I was on the right path. Because it felt right.

Then serendipitous things started to happen.

A random book on my desk at work.

A cassette tape unknown to me in my car.

The book “Illusions” by Richard Bach gave me my first taste of experimenting with what I was learning about. To intentionally create something to come into my life. A feather. It arrived within a week. I was beyond amazed and completely exhilarated by the profound experience.

The cassette tape was Abraham-Hicks. I don’t remember which one specifically, one of the many they recorded of Abraham answering questions about energy, feelings and the Law of Attraction.

THIS was the moment that I GOT it. THERE ARE RULES. Universal laws that define energy and how it acts with, around and through us. 

I’ll never forget that moment when it all clicked into place that these laws are in effect at all times. And they have nothing to do with an assessment of how good or bad we are, it’s just energy responding to energy!


For those of you who are not aware, the awakening process will change everything. It changes YOU. Which changes the energy, which ultimately creates change in your life.

A divorce. What a relief it was. I could breathe again! I didn’t even realize how dead I had become until I was alive again.

Then, the unexpected, my son became ill. It was gradual and became increasingly more difficult. It was elusive though. Western medicine just could seem to understand or diagnose. It sent me into a tailspin of trying to assist him outside of traditional medicine. 

My search led me to have an angelic intervention

Six months into my son’s mysterious illness he was no longer going to school. He was most uncomfortable at night with stomach cramps and he and I would walk in our suburban neighborhood trying to distract and ease the abdominal pain. This led to a lack of sleep and the inability to concentrate.

I still had to go to work every day at my corporate job. But one day when my son was at his father’s for the evening I went to Borders Bookstores. Books have always been the source of my inspiration and a source of knowledge. They soothe me. I wasn’t shopping for any one book. I was just wandering the aisles, happy to be among my paper-spined friends.

As I browsed, I felt the presence of another person in the same aisle… now this is Portland, Oregon where we northerners are known for not really talking to strangers in the stores. So I moved along respectively. Giving him space and keeping my own.

He came closer and started to ask me questions about books. I politely and abruptly answered and moved on. I moved to another aisle. He followed. I moved down. He moved down. I moved up. He moved up.

He approached me and said, “Look I feel like I’m making you nervous and that is not our intent”.

In my head, I was trying to reconcile the ‘our’ and it was just him standing there before me.

And then he said… “My angels are telling me that I can heal your son.”


Who is this guy and how would he know about my son I thought.

He rushed on, telling me his ability to heal, even trying to give me references.

But I knew at that moment that what he said was true. I had no idea why I knew or how I knew, but I KNEW through my heart that THIS was what I had been searching for to help my son.

This man never met my son. 

Every appointment my son had with him was through a phone call where he would read my son’s energy and then assess what natural supplements were needed for the week. It was not a simple process. It was convoluted and involved, but it worked the miracle of my son feeling better within a couple of weeks and completely cured and back to school within a couple of months.

Miracles happen.

After 25 years in the corporate realm, I moved to North Carolina where I ended up opening a bakery and coffee house. It was pretty successful, but it drained me completely. 

I was perplexed that I had created another dream of mine only to realize that it wasn’t fulfilling me, it was killing me. I had created my own trap. So I sold it.

I retreated to myself. Wondering when I was going to do it ‘right’. I realized I had lost my connection to all the knowledge I had gained years before while I operated the bakery/coffeehouse. 

And now I felt lost. Dead inside. I had to reverse and go back to being curious and living the life that was inspirational.

I redirected myself and focused on the knowledge that our body and emotions are continuously giving us the information we need to be successful, find joy, to be abundant.

I listened. I felt. I reconnected to myself. 

And I realized I had resorted to old programming about what being successful means, how to do it, even how it would look. But I had disconnected from myself. It was just programming that was so deeply ingrained I didn’t even realize I was following old patterns. And it led me to the same old result of unhappiness.

Now I knew it was time to walk the walk, and live the life that is possible. I meditated and listened. I felt and witnessed my emotions. I went back to school for transformational psychology and got my clinical hypnotherapist certification, life coaching certification, and QHHT certification. 

I read, studied, and absorbed everything I could about psychology and energy – but I didn’t limit myself to just the western philosophies. I opened myself up to information that inspired and empowered me.

By walking the path myself I gained the experience and wisdom of having been there and done it. I don’t teach or speak of these things from an academic perspective. I am speaking from experience of doing it. Being it. Failing at it.

So that I can try again.

In 2014 I started my own practice as a Master Hypnotic Coach. What a title huh? I helped people’s subconscious reveal what needed to be healed.

As time went by my own intuitive energy healing abilities began to reveal themselves. I found miracles happening in my own office and I was amazed.

Let me be clear – I don’t create miracles. I hold a safe space for someone who is ready to transform their life and by their own intentions, THEY create their own miracles.

Miracles are just energy coming into alignment. Remember we are energetic beings. Unfortunately, our energy tends to be distorted by old traumas, beliefs, or programming that works against the natural flow of energy.

When you clear out the old, the energy can start to move the way it is meant to. We are all meant to be happy, healthy, and abundant. The only thing that prevents that is our energy and expectations. Yes, our belief plays a large role in our personal experience.

The biggest struggle has been my own self. There were a lot of inner core beliefs that were undermining my attempts to succeed. While a part of me knew I could, there was always an inner voice that questioned it. It created doubts. 

As a healer I could identify that a part of myself felt unworthy of achieving my dreams.  I had to walk the talk – to heal myself –  to heal the wounded aspects within me, re-remember I am a creator and use energy to my benefit instead of allowing it to sabotage me.

I have always been a very good manifestor. I’ve also consistently manifested things that I ended up hating. And I couldn’t figure out why until it finally dawned on me that I was focused on the “things” I wanted instead of the emotions that I wanted. 

Emotions are the powerhouse of our creator ability. And if I manifest I’m happy then how could I not have the physical things I need? After all, I do need ‘things’ to survive and thrive in life, so if I’ve created a place where I’m living in happiness I must have those things.

Another tough challenge was to move away from situations that were comfortable and yet I knew were over. As humans we are creatures of comfort and love to stay in what we are familiar with, even though we know in our heart that it's time to move on. 

There is the need to let go of things that don’t serve us. It’s not always easy to move past situations that are done. To strike out on your own and have confidence that everything is going to work out.

I truly believe there aren’t any obstacles outside of ourselves. It’s our beliefs, programming, and thoughts that create the blocks. Once they are resolved, it can be smooth sailing.

I am happy to say that I LOVE my life and am so happy that I focused on learning to understand my own internal guidance system of emotions and physical symptoms to understand what would bring me the most joy, connection, meaning, and abundance.

Blessings, Mykal