Making the most of the Full Moon

We all know that the moon is energetically and gravitationally tied to the earth. The moon is responsible for our tides and for keeping the earth in its specific gravitational alignment in the universe. But have you ever wondered if there is more? 

Every month the moon waxes into its fullness, and we have a few days that are energetically different from the rest of the month. Studies have found that many people’s blood pressure drops during a full moon, and even though the data is inconsistent, ask any emergency room nurse and they’ll tell you that people tend to make more, uh, interesting choices during a full moon. Parents often find that their kids are irritable, restless, or “crazy” during a full moon. And even though we don’t have great empirical evidence on this, the word “lunatic” comes from “luna”, which of course is latin for moon. It seems that many people’s moods, women’s menstrual cycles, and so many other things that energetically rise and fall are tied to the moon. 

The full moon is a time to let go of the things that have been building up as the moon was growing into fullness. What has come to the surface for you that you need to get rid of? What do you need healing for? What is holding you back, and keeping you from being your best self? Who do you need to have that talk with, what boundary do you need to set up, what relationship do you need to assess? 

Each astrological season also holds its own energy, and the full moon that occurs during that time can be particularly energetic in different ways. The upcoming full moon on June 14th is in Sagittarius, and I know what you’re thinking: wait, aren’t we in Gemini? Yes! But the full moon sits in the opposite astrological sign of the season we are in, so this month’s full moon is in Sagittarius, which is a deep, big-picture, philosophical sign. Pretty much the opposite of minutiae-detail-oriented, gossipy, interested Gemini. Go do something fun this full moon, something that helps remind you of how connected you are to the Universe and to everything around you. Remind yourself of the big picture of your life. 

Here’s a few ways to welcome the full moon: 

1- notice your energy- as you lead up to the full moon, and during it. The more connected you are with yourself and the universe, the easier this will be. 

2- allow the “junk” to come up to the surface- and use the energy of the full moon to help you let things go

3- be intentional in celebrating- it may seem silly to celebrate a full moon, but why not? Have a party, come to our store for our Full Moon Release, and spend some time out in nature. You are one with the universe, and it always has something to show you- especially during a full moon!