Using Crystals to help with Anxiety

Modern life operates at a pace, and with a level of visual/auditory/mental noise, that humans have not yet evolved to be able to handle easily. So many of us struggle with day-to-day life surrounded by the pressures of jobs, finances, social media, and expectations. Thankfully, the idea and practice of self-care is becoming a normalized concept, and more and more people are actively searching for ways to calm their bodies and spirits so that life can become more manageable. 

Anxiety is an extremely common side effect of modern living, and most of us live with it to some degree. For you it may be a daily battle with overthinking, social issues, aches and pains, sleep loss, and a host of other symptoms that people report who deal with moderate to severe anxiety. For others of you it may occur less-often and simply cause an uncomfortable physical sensation of being on-edge. Either way: crystals can help you. 

The best way to find the crystal that is right for you is to first understand the energy exchange. A few types of crystals that have been known to truly aid in anxiety and fear release are:

Citrine– stability, spiritual growth, confidence, calmness, improve digestion

Opal– inner balance, abundance, hope, creativity, luck, awareness

Amethyst– calmness, clarity, alleviating anxiety, rebalancing, protection

Hematite– detoxifying, grounding, focus, memory, strength 

  Each crystal has a particular frequency, or vibration, based on its molecular composition that can affect you in different ways. You also have a particular frequency, and when you feel “in sync” with a crystal, you will be drawn to it. Allow yourself to follow your intuition and go ahead and hold the crystal (sometimes closing your eyes helps). What do you feel? You may feel tingly in your body somewhere, or warm, or just in general feel the energy of the crystal. There are certain types of geodes and crystals that are more attuned to help you in certain ways, but there are no rules! Trust yourself. 

Your crystal can be incredibly helpful in “grounding” you when you are feeling anxious. Many people who struggle with anxiety find that going outside, touching nature, being around trees, etc., can help them during an anxiety episode. This is no different! Don’t feel weird about keeping your crystal with you, maybe in your car or on your nightstand, for when you need it. When anxiety is rushing through you, clear a space (both mentally and physically) for a three minute reset. Find some quiet, and follow these simple steps: 

1- Hold your crystal in your hands

2- Focus on your breath. How it feels to come into your lungs, and how it feels to leave them. Imagine the anxious feelings leaving your body along with your breath. 

3- Feel your feet, and imagine roots growing from them into the earth, connecting with it. Feel the sturdiness in your feet and legs as you become more grounded. 

4- Remember that the energy in your crystal and your own energy are connected, and from the same source. You are connected to something bigger than yourself. You are not alone. 

Anxiety may be part of your daily life, but it doesn’t have to win. Give crystals a try, you may be surprised at how this simple, ancient practice can ease tensions and enable a deep sense of grounded-ness to help get you through the day! 

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