Every week I see a variety of clients - all who have different healing intentions and have no similarities to each other at all - except, on occasion, there is a theme that everyone brings up in their session. 

The theme this week has been incredibly strong, not only with clients, but with me, my friends, co-workers and family.

The theme of the week has been surrender. 

In our society where winning is paramount, surrender can be perceived as something we would want to avoid. And yet, it is the most powerful tool we have to align ourselves with our true self and assure that we are on the right path for our purpose. 

Surrender is definitely something the brain has a hard time doing. The brain, in all its self assured wisdom, is positive that it has thought out the best conclusion for us. It becomes focused on the path it thinks is best, and yet, it is completely blinded by its lack of knowledge. 

The left brain stays so focused on calculating information based on the past, it colors all possible future outcomes from past experiences - which vastly limits our possibilities. 

The connection to our true self - usually coming in through the heart - has a less clouded perspective of our potentials. I always imagine it way above me - like a lighthouse looking for danger - seeing all of the potential outcomes I could align to, but that my left brain just can’t even comprehend. 

I have a client right now that has the ability to literally SEE the energy that creates our reality. Can you imagine? She is one of the few people I know that has a brain that allows her to surrender into possibilities because she can see the energy, the potentials, the timelines and how, when energy comes into alignment, we can create our own reality. 

So where does surrender come in all of this? 

Surrendering means to let go of the left brain’s conclusions and assumptions and just BE.  When the left brain and our emotional triggers keep us from coming into alignment with our greatest outcome the only way to silence them is to surrender. To let go of assumptions, conclusions, even our own understanding of what we think is best for ourselves.

To surrender means to put faith in yourself - your higher self - that it knows what you need and when you need it. 

There is nothing wrong with stating what you might want an outcome to be, but if you do, let go of how important it is to you that it happens. Because what if there was a better way? A faster way? A more impactful way to get what you want that you don’t even know about yet.

Surrendering means that you trust and have faith that the outcome will be for your highest good.

Most people will have an adverse reaction to letting go and come up with all kinds of reasons why they have to hold on to _________ (fill in the blank, it’s different for everyone).

Let me take you on a metaphoric journey of what surrendering looks like. I personally use this for myself for when I’m holding on too tightly to an outcome. It only takes but a couple seconds to visualize and surrender. 

Come with me…. And imagine….

A large tree, let’s make it an oak tree, but any tree that has leaves. Now this oak tree is large, strong and grounded deep in the earth with its big roots. Above are the canopy of leaves swaying in the breeze. 

Focus on one leaf. That leaf has been with this tree from its first moment. It grew up here and expanded into the big beautiful leaf that it is. It’s never known any other existence. Just being one with this big, strong, grounded tree. 

And then one day the leaf surrenders and releases from the tree to gently drift down towards the ground. This is the point where the human left brain would be freaking out about leaving the only world it’s known, but not the leaf, for it has surrendered to itself.

It leaves behind the branch from where it was born. It leaves behind all of his brother and sister leaves, all of his bird friends. It has surrendered and let go of his greatest adventure completely released from his past and everything he has known to this point.

The leaf floats downward, wafting on the current of air. Its destination is completely unknown, but the leaf doesn’t care. He is enjoying this new sensation of release. Floating in space. There is no sadness about leaving. There isn’t any expectation or goal of where its headed. It’s just BEING in the moment of awe. The awe that there is so much more than being anchored to a tree.

What a discovery! The leaf twirls in ways its never been able to move before. It can see further than it's ever seen before. It is in complete joy of this adventure without a thought about what was left behind or where it will end up.

Eventually the leaf lands on a large rock next to a babbling river. The leaf feels the warmth of the sun as it rests on its new home and now becomes aware of stillness. No movement. Just resting on a warm rock. It’s a different sensation. Not bad. Just different. And yet, the leaf appreciates the warmth and rock just as much as it appreciates the safety of the home it has only known.

The leaf has new sensations and landscapes. It can hear a babbling brook. A bug buzzes by - one that he has never seen before - how exciting, a new friend. The sun up high in the sky shares its warming rays to the leaf and as the day progresses different parts of the leaf receive this gift, until finally the sun sets and the stars light up the sky. 

The wind picks up and shifts the leaf on his rock, the wind gets even stronger pushing the leaf along until with a big whoosh of air the leaf twirls through the air, while gravity pulls the leaf down until it settles onto the water of the babbling river. 

Now this is a new adventure! The leaf doesn’t do anything other than go for the ride on the water. Surrendering to wherever the water goes. The leaf allows the water to guide his adventure. 

The leaf doesn’t tell the water where it should go or how fast it should go, it doesn’t tell the water that it’s going in the wrong direction. The leaf just surrenders and enjoys the ride.

The leaf never knows if the water will be fast or slow, or what fork in the river it will take, it just enjoys the ride, knowing that everything it needs will be provided when needed. 

The leaf doesn’t try to paddle up the river, it enjoys the water’s natural flow.  It doesn’t insist the river go faster or slower. It doesn’t worry about what kind of weather it will experience, for it knows it’s all part of the grand journey of its experience.

In fact, the leaf doesn’t think about anything… you don’t have to think when you surrender, you just BE.

What if you were to be like the leaf? To let go and enjoy the adventure of your own journey? To know and trust that the water - or your own higher self and universal energy -  will take you exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Living a Kuantum Life is about letting the energy serve you. Enjoy the moment. Feel the feeling. 

Be like a leaf and free yourself from your tree and surrender with no expectation of the ultimate outcome. 

What would it feel like to completely trust that you are part of the greater whole that wants and will support you in ways you might never have thought of?

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