Finding Patience with Heart

Finding Patience with Heart

Hey there, fellow seekers!

😏 Patience is my hot topic this week, and boy, have I been challenged with it this week.

Remember how we 📣 announced the store's new location last week?

Well, I'm beyond excited about it. Like, "I want to be there NOW" excited. But you know how life goes, right? Sometimes the journey from where we are to where we want to be isn't a smooth highway. Nope, it's more like a pothole-riddled road with huge boulders blocking the way.

That's exactly where I find myself right now.

What seemed so simple has turned into a swamp of red tape and frustration.

me all wrapped up in red tape - get it! - LOL

My bubbling excitement has been buried under a mountain of paperwork, odd requirements (at least to me), endless emails, and a list of conditions longer than my arm before we can move in. 

cue endless eye-rolling 🙄

Now, without my metaphysical toolkit, I'd probably be challenging people to duels at dawn to avenge my personal freedoms and frustrations (LOL).

But instead, I've turned to my spiritual practice to keep me sane during this wild ride.

My Metaphysical Patience Boosters

So, what's my secret sauce? 🌶️ Here's the scoop:

  1. Soul Connection: I remind myself that deep down, my soul's got all the answers. Mykal the human might be clueless, but if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, the path will reveal itself.
  2. ❣️Inner Love Fest: I take a moment to connect with my soul and bask in that overwhelming love and support. It's like a warm, worry-free bubble where everything's perfectly okay as it is. So if you see me with my eyes closed give me a minute because I am wallowing in this energy and absorbing it to keep me going!
  3. Trigger Watch: I pay attention to what sets me off. What part of myself is feeling threatened – this is a sure sign of an aspect in fear that needs some love and acceptance to soothe it into feeling safe again.
  4. Soul Agreements: I try to remember that everyone throwing obstacles in my path is doing it with my soul's thumbs-up. There's something in this experience for me to learn and accept, even if it's driving me nuts right now.
  5. Crystal Power: I keep patience-boosting crystals close by during these challenges. And yes, the bra makes an amazing crystal pocket! (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!)

Amethyst: My Patience Sidekick

Speaking of crystals, amethyst is my go-to for cultivating calm and patience – and I love how it aids me in getting into a clear connection with my soul’s loving energy. Here's how I use it:

  • Meditation Buddy: I hold it or place it on my third eye while meditating to amp up the zen vibes.
  • Pocket (or Bra) Pal: I carry a small piece with me for on-the-go calming action.
  • Dream Enhancer: Under the pillow it goes for deep sleep, inspiring dreamscape and a new refreshed morning attitude.

Affirmations and Visualizations

I also pepper my day with patience-boosting affirmations like:

  • "I trust the timing of my life."
  • "This journey is teaching me something valuable."
  • “This too will be over soon!”
  • “The answer will reveal itself.”

And I take a few minutes to breathe deep and vibe into what the energy of these intentions feel like.

Remember - saying words isn't enough to manifest your desire. You've got to put yourself into the energy of the feeling you want to achieve - it's like rehearsal of the future!

🎁Wrapping It Up

Patience isn't just about twiddling our thumbs and waiting. It's about trusting that everything unfolds in its own perfect time, revealing more about ourselves along the way.

By embracing patience (even when it's tough), we're aligning with the universe's flow and empowering ourselves to navigate life's rollercoaster with a bit more grace.

So, next time you're feeling the impatience itch, try tapping into your inner wisdom, grab a crystal (bra optional), and remember – this too shall pass, and you might just learn something awesome about yourself in the process!

🧐 You might ask.. gee Mykal what have you learned about yourself?  

Well.... that I don't need to control the situation. This has been my biggest holistic emotional healing journey - to realize that I don't have to work so hard.

Learning to trust the Universe - or really, it's my soul - to provide me with everything that I need.

It feels magical. 🪄

It's not really magic, its how metaphysics work (quantum physics anyone?). We create our reality by our energy and when I EXPECT the best solution to show up - it does. 

I still have to do the details of living life. I have to walk my path. I have to listen to my inspiration.

But I try to stay out of my own way by controlling what I think is best, or how I think it will be possible and to stop myself from doing things in the old way I've been programmed to think of as 'right'.  Notice how often I said 'think' - thinking is not guidance.

💓 Inspiration and the heart is where guidance comes from.

The one thing I've experienced over and over again is that the perfect answer that appears is never what I think would have happened.

And that's what makes it feel magical 🪄. And I love how safe and secure living in that energy feels.

Hugs, Mykal

🥂Here's to Living a Kuantum Life of joy and discovery!

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