Chaos & Peace - Which are you Choosing?

Chaos & Peace - Which are you Choosing?

Last week I embarked on a business trip for crystal shopping to restock the Kuantum Life store. What I had envisioned as a smooth journey quickly turned into a convoluted path of self-discovery and empowerment that I’m still learning to try to appreciate!

I hope that my story might resonate with some of you as we navigate our lives amidst constant change and chaos, because it really feels like we are all experiencing a bit of chaos right now.

I had an extra day on my trip that I decided to enjoy at a local greenspace. After enjoying the beautiful outdoors and feeling how balanced and recharged I felt, I attempted to start my car to head back to the hotel.

Here I discovered that my practically brand new car - my emblem of mobility and freedom - wouldn’t start. No problem, I had a roadside assistance plan and they promptly (2.5 hours later) came and took my car to the nearest dealership.

A simple 90 minutes away from ME.

Me… I’m now alone in an unfamiliar town with no vehicle. This is the moment where I was at the bottom of my vulnerability.

I had decided on this quick trip that I wanted peace and quiet, a remote spot. And now I found that the conveniences of Uber or Lyft were not something easy found.

The roadside assistance I had assumed would support me in this time was useless. Once they took my car they considered themselves done and didn’t have a response or solution for me rejoining my vehicle.

I was stranded.

The initial wave of frustration and disbelief washed over me. The 'inconvenience' of my situation screamed loudly in my ears. I felt a tension in my heart, like a chord being strummed too tightly, ready to snap any moment.

And yet, as the day progress I found myself relaxing. I couldn’t really do anything and I was curious on what the Universe's was trying to teach me.

Of course, it was about slowing down. Being in the moment. All the ‘usual’ things they are telling me. LOL Now I HAD to listen.

I couldn't help but reflect on this profound realization. I was always racing against time, always looking ahead, rarely pausing to appreciate the now. But here, surrounded by unfamiliarity and hiccups, I had a chance to slow down. To live in the moment, to feel the heartbeat of the universe, to appreciate the beauty of stillness amidst the chaos.

Interestingly, once I recognized the message a Uber made itself available, despite my trying several times the previous day, now *poof* here it was. It suddenly became easy to pick up my car and continue on my journey.

What I’m finding interesting right now is that EVERYONE seems to be experiencing a bit of chaos in their life.

Even when I returned home, the chaos still hasn’t completely settled down. Mechanical things, electrical things, seem to be glitching everywhere.

Have you been experiencing this?

In the few days that I’ve been home my coffee maker has stopped working.

Even though my car was JUST returned to me repaired, the passenger window isn’t working.

My tv will suddenly power down for 30 seconds and then magically restart.

What’s going on?

These mechanical breakdowns weren't just arbitrary events. They are metaphysical signs from the Universe, nudging us towards a vital understanding - that the only constant is change, and the only way to navigate it is by grounding ourselves in the present.

When I am present. When I am grounded. I become grateful for the breakdowns, the delays, and the unexpected repairs. They aren’t just external problems but internal awakenings, guiding me towards self-empowerment. I have realized that our strength lies not in how fast we can move, but in how still we can be in the face of flux and change.

So, dear readers, the next time you find yourself amidst chaos or faced with unexpected breakdowns, remember to slow down. Cherish the moment, for it is the only thing truly ours. Everything else is in flux, from the people around us to the things we own, and even our own selves. Amidst all this, let's find our center, our stillness, our empowerment.

Remember, we are not just the travelers but also the journey itself.

Amidst all the fluctuation and chaos, we can find a profound peace and self-discovery.

Life isn't just about reaching destinations; it's about appreciating the stops, the breakdowns, and the repairs along the way. It's these unplanned moments that truly capture the heart, teach us to deal with tension, and ultimately offer invaluable lessons and value.

Stay strong, stay still. Here's to finding our empowerment amidst the chaos!

Many Blessings, Mykal.

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